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  1. First, cleanse hair. (We highly recommend As I Am cleansers: As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo or Coconut CoWash.)
  2. Leave hair wet or very damp. DO NOT TOWEL DRY.
  3. Massage a small amount, (about the size of a quarter) within palms and liberally distribute throughout entire head of hair, root to ends.
  4. Using a wide-toothed comb or a flexible-bristle detangling brush, begin to gently comb or brush, section-by-section using short strokes. Always start near the ends and proceed up toward the scalp. You may also detangle by carefully finger racking through your hair.
  5. If it seems that you require more product to ease detangling, Distribute another very small amount. Do not over use.
  6. Proceed to style
  7. Tips
  8. One of the best tips for detangling natural-textured hair is to comb through while shampoo lather , cowash conditioner or rinse-out conditioner is fully, still in the hair, using a wide tooth detangling comb.