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Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Hair Color -386 [BROWN SUGAR]



Fade-Resistant Rich Conditioning Color is an innovative formula that delivers vibrant, fade-resistant colour and shine. This formula contains Dark and Lovely's exclusive Moisture Seal technology for double the conditioning power —especially designed to help protect relaxed and natural hair while colouring. The result is silky, shiny hair and luxurious, rich colour that lasts up to 8 weeks

Always read all product labelling and instructions completely prior to use.

Important: Hair colour can cause an allergic reaction. Do not use if you’ve already had a reaction to a hair colour product or if scalp is sensitive, itchy or damaged. Tattoos may increase risk of an allergic reaction. Do skin allergy test 48 hours before each use of this product. Don’t use over compound henna or progressive colour. Wait at least 14 days after bleach, relaxing or perm before use. Don’t use on children. This is a safety summary. Read all labelling and instructions completely.

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1 x Kit

Full-Head Application If:
You have never coloured your hair or you want to change your current hair colour to a darker shade.
1. Prepare:
Put on gloves. Twist off the tip of the Dark and Lovely Cream Developer applicator cap. Remove cap from the applicator bottle. Pour entire contents of the Dark and Lovely Permanent Hair colour bottle into the Dark and Lovely Cream Developer applicator bottle. Replace the applicator cap securely. Place your gloved finger over open tip. Point away from your face and shake thoroughly until colour mixture is totally blended. Never leave the tip of the applicator bottle unopened after mixing. The container may burst. For Light Golden Blonde and Luminous Blonde, see special instructions inside of pack.
2. Apply:
Part dry unwashed hair into 4 sections and clip in place with plastic clips if hair is long. Apply colour mixture. Squeeze the applicator bottle gently to apply colour mixture beginning at the hair line in the back; then continue upward until the hair roots and entire hair line are completely covered. For hair with resistant grey, apply to grey areas first. With gloved hands, gently smooth colour mixture out to the ends for even distribution making sure that every strand is covered. Do not rub into scalp. If any colour mixture gets on skin, simply wipe off with towel. Do not save any unused colour mixture. The container may burst.
3. Timing:
After completing the application, process for 20 minutes on relaxed hair or 30 minutes on natural hair (hair without any prior chemical treatment).
4. Rinse Out:
When processing time is up, add a little lukewarm water to your hair and work the colour mixture into a lather. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. If colour mixture gets into your eyes, rinse out quickly with water. After rinsing, towel dry.
5. Condition:
Apply enough Dark and Lovely Nourishing Care Conditioner to saturate hair. Massage through hair. Leave on hair for 3 minutes. Rinse out with warm water. Save remaining Dark and Lovely Nourishing Care Conditioner for multiple applications.

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