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5 Ways to Avoid Pain & Breakage When Braiding Kids Hair With Extensions

The umpteenth washday is approaching and you’re considering putting your child’s hair into a lasting protective style to give everybody (yourself, your child and their hair) a break from daily styling rituals but, you’re tossing if this is a good idea as you do not want to cause your precious child the unnecessary pain that is often associated with braids and hair breakage both of which, can have lasting effects. Here are 5 simple ways to prevent pain and breakage to achieve an enjoyable braiding experience that actually protects your child's hair!

1. All good things, take time so plan ahead Braiding takes time! Plan ahead by scheduling a time where you can dedicate the time required without rushing.

2. Use light-weight braiding extensions The weight of the extensions will determine how heavy the braids will be on your child’s head and ultimately, how much tension is applied to growing follicles. Kanekalon braiding hair such as the Magic finger’s studio braiding hair is the lightest braiding hair fibre on the market.

3. Prep the hair lightly  Use a moisturising shampoo such followed by a deep conditioner to strengthen the hair to withstand the increased tension from braids.

4. Large sections and minimal tension save edges As children’s hair are delicate, they are easily susceptible to breakage. Hence, it’s vital to avoid microbraids on kids. Opt for large box braids using large sections and a fair amount of hair. Always, apply the braids with minimal tension to avoid pain and breakage. The right amount of tension will also encourage hair growth!

5. Nourished hair is healthy hair It is vital to continue caring for the hair while in braids to maintain hair health and optimise hair growth. To do this, keep the scalp clean by washing the braids once every fortnight with diluted shampoo (shampoo and water) and lightly oil the scalp. Condition the ends of the hair daily by spritzing with a leave in conditioner.

Happy hair braiding!

Images: via Pinterest

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