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Our mission is to forge a beauty-accessible Australasia for Black & Brown Australasia through building strong alliances with BIPOC-specific and inclusive brands, provision of quality and needs-specific products and education, coupled with exceptional service that nurtures community trust.

Our Story

We are proudly a black-owned founded by Mary born in Ghana, raised in Auckland, New Zealand & London, currently calling beautiful Sydney home. 

Growing up in NZ in the early 90's as part of a very minute Black population presented a challenge to find products for my Kinky-textured hair and Melanin-rich skin which resorted to making do with whatever options seemed remotely beneficial to my beauty needs.

Then the internet came and suitable products became more accessible. This of course often proved expensive, time-consuming surfing multiple sites, and most frustratingly, products didn't always arrive in time to flex that new doo at that special event I had anticipated for weeks and months. Migrating to London at aged 14 & being presented with countless opportunities for accessibility gave me confidence like no other, and I dreamt of duplicating this experience in beloved NZ one day.

Although my move to Sydney in 2012 presented better options, I found that the issue predominately persists & increasingly as a deep passion for hair meant I was often tasked by my loved ones to source quality products to nurture and maintain their styles. 

This is where the idea of YAA&CO. BEAUTY stems from, to make these products easily accessible.

At YAA&CO. BEAUTY, we pride ourselves in supplying a diverse range of quality beauty brands catering for the beauty needs of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) Australasia under one roof right to your doorstep. Our Mission is to provide BIPOC Australasia the freedom to cater to their beauty needs conveniently and in doing so, contribute to a more beauty-accessible & inclusive continent. No more settling, we've got us!

With Care, Mary


Our Values


We believe in the importance of
being true to what matters most through transparency & care.


We are passionate about creating a Community who feel seen, heard & valued just as they are.


We pride ourselves in being responsible decision-makers in meeting current needs by preserving the lives of future generations through environmentally & socially conscious choices

About YAA

In the Ghanaian culture, each day of the week has a unique birth name associated with it. Yaa means a girl born on Thursday. A name shared by Mary's late mother Victoria Yaa Agyeiwaa (E-Jay-Waa) Yinka, a personification of beauty & a ferocious lover of life . YAA&CO. BEAUTY is a tribute to her, all whom are here & all whom are yet to come because of her.

In honour of Yaa Agyeiwaa: Mother of Olivia, Akua, Brenda & Mary. Grandmother of Kofi, Michael, Kadin, Treyvon, Maame Agyeiwaa, Aiyana & Jazarah.

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We love what we do & it shows in how we care.

Black Owned

We are proudly 100% Black woman owned.


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We truly believe that a Black & Brown beauty-accessible Australasia is going to take a collective effort from all who are passionate about impacting lasting change.

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