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Beauty affirmations for AU&NZ’s Kids of colour

A few Months ago, we came across an incredible post on Instagram from @seen_heard on affirmations that, Black Kids need to hear and was immediately taken aback to our Childhood & the challenges associated with growing up as Dark-Skin Black Girls during a time in NZ where there were a few black people.

It compelled us to create our own affirmations (with a modern twist as we understand that we may be a lot older than some of you lol) that, we wish we would’ve heard/more of as Kids to help us embrace (in turn to help us glow from within more) the uniqueness of being Black in a society with few people who looked like us. We’ve titled this “Beauty affirmations for AU&NZ’s Kids of colour”. Swipe to read.

We are in no way trying to tell you how to Parent. Our intentions are to simply, be open about our experiences in hopes of encouraging anybody who may be going through similar experiences with their Kids.

We hope that you find it useful.

With 💛

Beauty affirmations for AU&NZ’s Kids of colour

1. You are perfect & loved just the way you are.

2. Your Skin is BEAUTIFUL. All shades of brown Skin is beautiful, just like yours.

3. You are smart, capable, powerful & royalty just like the Black Panther.

4. Your Hair is not difficult, every Coil, Curl or Wave is beautiful. There’s so many styles you can do with it!

5. You are enough.

6. Being different makes you more beautiful, not less.

7. You are worthy of good things.

8. You matter more than all the Water in the Sea, Sand on the Beach & Stars in the night Sky.

9. You deserve to be treated nicely & fairly like everybody else.

10. Your voice & opinions matter including using it to tell people to not touch your Hair!

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