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DIY Silk Press With Body

Want a silky hairstyle that glistens, is free from snags and stiffness and moves with you? We've got you Sis! Here is a step by step guide for an effective DIY silk press/ straightening process that does what silk presses are supposed to do, read on.


Before we start, let's cover the basics to determine if this style is right and us, and to prevent any heat damage that could inhibit and delay any hair goals. A silk press is the process of temporarily straightening textured (wavy, curly and coily) hair using heat (blow-drying followed by straightening with a flat iron/straightener) instead, of chemicals such as relaxers, perms and texturisers. It differs from the traditional "press and curl"process as it uses less heat. Hence, when done right, it is significantly less damaging to the hair. Although silk presses are aimed at naturally curly, wavy and kinky textures, they are also done on chemically treated hair to stretch out relaxers and give the same results.


Follow these simple steps to achieve the silk press of your dreams from the comfort of your home. 

STEP. 1: CLEANSE Thoroughly was the hair with a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo is necessary to strip the hair from dirt caused by oil and product buildup.                                                                                               

STEP. 2: DEEP CONDITION Apply a moisturising deep conditioner such as the KeraCare Intense Restorative Masque, fully detangle hair and leave on for the recommended time only to avoid weighing the hair down which will restrict its ability to bounce.                                                                              

STEP. 3: SECTION THE HAIR Section hair into small sections. The greater the hair's density (amount of hair on the head), the more sections required. Ideally want to have about 4 sections for fine hair, 6 sections for medium density hair and 8 sections for thick hair. Apply an ample amount of IC Fantasia Heat Protector Straightening Serum to coat each section while avoiding over-saturation. 

STEP. 4: BLOW DRY Using a heat-resistant brush such as a Denman Brush or a comb attachment, blow dry section from the tips to roots on cool to warm heat. Ensure the hair is fully dry before proceeding to the next. Avoid using small-toothed combs to prevent breakage.                                                                                           

STEP. 5: ADD SILK AGENT Apply a few drops of the KeraCare Silken Seal to hydrate the hair, while preventing mechanical damage, breakage, giving it body and a silky finish. This is a pivotal step to the desired silky results. A little of the KeraCare silken seal goes a long way so use sparingly. Brush/Comb hair to remove any knots which may cause snags.                                                                                 
STEP. 6: PRESS/STRAIGHTEN HAIR Set Straightener/Flat Iron to low-medium heat depending on the hair density with fuller desensitise requiring more heat. Any branded ceramic Straightener can be used for this. Just make sure that the plates are fully coated to prevent mechanical damage to the hair.
Gently straighten the hair in thin layers using the comb-chase method assisted by a small toothed Rattail comb. Glide the straightener slowly through the hair to avoid doing multiple passes and preventing heat damage.                                                                    

STEP. 7: SEAL Finish off with a small amount of Keracare silken seal serum.


Silk presses can last up to two weeks depending on how well it is maintain. Follow these steps for lasting results.1. Wrap the hair each night and cover with a silk/satin scarf or bonnet. Cover with a shower cap before showering. 2. Apply small amounts of the Keracare silken seal daily to moisturise. 3. Place hair in a ponytail before cooking or physical activity.                                                                                      


  • A heat protectant is a MUST to avoid heat damage
  • Avoid straightening every day to prevent heat damage 
  • AVOID using grease - may fry Hair & weighs the hair down
  • Steam may appear during straightening: Hair did not completely dry during blow drying, water is escaping from the heat protectant being used. Smoke on the other hand isn’t ideal.                                                                                                                        

 Photos: via Pinterest 

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