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Black Don't Crack


This week on "Melanin Beauty Myths", let’s look at good ol’ “black don’t crack”.

Keep reading to learn about the beliefs surrounding this myth, the facts-based truths, how to age (more) gracefully and products to help you get/stay moisturised and flexin’ your complexion

The Beliefs

We've all heard and used these popular beliefs time and time again, People of Colour (POC) do not age, get wrinkles, are not susceptible to the harshness of the sun because of the high melanin content in the skin. We have proof; our Mothers, Aunties, Grandmothers, Pharrell, Shemar Moore, Aunty Angela Bassett & frankly, the entire cast of Black Hollywood who are old enough to play your Mum or Grandmother in your biopic.

The Truths

Science has proven that darker complexions age around 10+ years slower thanks to the higher melanin content. Skin of colour is also less susceptible (not immune) to sun-induced damage  such as wrinkles, age spots, sunburn & skin cancer. Additionally, POC have denser bones which aids in the slower ageing process POC also have a thicker dermis (inner skin layer) meaning, it such skin is less prone to folding (wrinkling).

Experts have found that although, nobody is immune to the age, signs of ageing differs in people of colour with the higher melanin content being a huge contributing factor and the main factor that differs between POC and their human counterparts.

Signs of ageing in POC includes:

  • dull skin
  • sagging skin
  • hyperpigmentation (not all hyperpigmentation is the result of ageing)
  • hollowing under eyes

How To Age (More) Gracefully

Although, ageing is different for everybody (as no two bodies are the same), there are common behaviours, lifestyle choices that can cause premature ageing. Here are some practical things that you can do to keep looking your best at any age:

  • Accept & embrace you (every bit) at every age & stage of life - all the things that make you uniquely beautiful
  • Get enough sleep
  • Stay/get happy - harness joy not the temporary stuff
  • Eat & drink well - balanced diet & plenty of water
  • MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! (see below for moisturisers made for POC)
  • A High SPF Sunscreen is a MUST
  • Get/stay fit - mentally, physically & emotionally
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself
  • Self-care often

Moisturisers At YAA&CO. BEAUTY




Cover image: The New York Times. Modified by YAA&CO. BEAUTY

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