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Salon Pro 30 Sec Lace Wig Bond - Extreme Hold



Salon Pro 30 Sec Extreme Hold Liquid Adhesive, Clear - 0.5 ounce Salon Pro 30 Seconds Extreme Hold Lace Wig Bond is a professional-strength salon adhesive for the serious hair-wearer. Extreme Hold is ready when you are, with quick, easy application and a confidence-boosting hold. Plan on an extended attachment when you use the Extreme Hold Lace Wig Bond. Depending on your body chemistry, your lifestyle, and the climate you live in, you’ll experience a 2 to 6-week bond. 30 Seconds Extreme Hold Lace Wig Bond is designed for lace-based hair systems and wigs and can be used with human or synthetic hair. Use it for frontal (partial) or full-cap systems.

Remove with Salon Pro Lace Wig Bond Remover


  1. Prepare the hair for the process.
  2. Use an alcohol swab to remove oil and make-up from the area around the front hairline from one ear to behind the other ear.

If applying to a full head, use the alcohol swab around the entire perimeter of the hairline including the back of the neck.

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