YAA&CO. BEAUTY 100% Rose Gua Facial Sculpting & Selfcare Tool



Rose Gua Sha has been part of ancient Asian beauty routines for centuries by working with the body to increase lymphatic drainage & to sculpt the face.


With consistent use, our Rose Gua Sha tool can:

  • Reduce puffiness
  • Aids in product absorption
  • Defines facial structure
  • Calms

Always use with a Facial oil or Serum

  1. Cleanse Face & Neck using a Cleanser for 60s & pat dry using a clean face cloth
  2. Apply a generous amount of facial oil to the skin
  3. Gently massage Face & Neck with the Gua Sha in a sweeping motion with gentle pressure by using the below guide for optimum results
  4. Massage for at least 5 minutes as part of skincare or selfcare routine
  5. Clean Gua Sha after each use & store in a cool, dry place

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